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Industrial pc solutions for industrial applications

  • Complete solutions from a single source
  • Selected branded components
  • Robust housing design for harsh industrial environments
  • Long-term availability thanks to proprietary manufacturing
  • Customized design and configuration of machine solutions

Industrial PC Panel PC Panel PC IR-3000     more >>

The characteristics of the Panel-PC IR-3000 are flexible integration and easy handling. And some models are fanless in IP64 design.

Industrial PC Embedded PC Embedded PC IR-2000     more >>

The compact construction allows the embedded PCs to be used in harsh industrial environments.

Industrial PC Box PC Box PC IR-7000     more >>

Powerful computers with Core i7/i5/i3/C2D
high-quality ventilation concept to 50 ┬░ C
optimal service performance
usable as a industrial UPS-server

Industrial PC Rack PC Rack PC IR-8000     more >>

With high quality components inside and fitting heights from 1 to 4 U opens the PC our customers perfect applications for rough industrial environment.

Industrial PC Custom design Customized IPC
System solutions
     more >>

Do you have customer-specific requirements for design and equipment of our industrial PCs?

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